Why Is a Hairy Bush Taboo???

I am a 24 year old male and let me tell you, woman in my generation do not believe in pubic hair. This drives me absolutely crazy.

Back when I was dating there was nothing I wanted more, but to slide down a girls panties and be greeted by a thick bush and a hairy *** crack. But nothing! They were always bald as a little girl or neatly trimmed! What a turn off.

Fast forward to today, I am now happily married and my wife has grown out pubic hair at my request. She stil trims it and keeps well manicured and also keeps her *** completely groomed. I wish she would just let it grow and not worry about it. I've asked numerous times but once again she says she doesn't like the way it looks. At least we have compromised and she grew something out, but a guy can fantasize can't he??? 

amberbock amberbock
22-25, M
Mar 25, 2009