Hairy Is Not Bad

i am female i do not shave from  my childhood. i am also wearing sleeveless outfits. but i am not ashamed about this. for spending money to remove body hair------why?  men/ women have body hair it is natural. now my some friends are following my theory.  any woman is embarrased about her body hair they can shave . but carring body hair is a proud of a woman, it is my own opinion.bad smell/ odour it is lame excuse because every woman used perfume or deodorant. it is true that hair removing is harmful for skin.razor/cream/wax are extremely harmful for skin. then so please stay on hair. any one interested on this topic to discuss with me openly then mail me at my private mailing address     

saheliroy saheliroy
31-35, F
6 Responses Sep 3, 2009

I love a girl like you.

I can't wait until i meet someone as down to earth as you leonamarie... I need advice on where and how to meet natural women who are as down to earth as you.

I am also a hairy woman but I was fortunate to grow up with a positive body self image due to having hippie parents. I also wish more woman would not conform to societal norms and embrace their whole bodies. It's hard to know people are looking at you differently but it feels so much better on my skin to let the hair be. I can feel the wind blowing on my legs much more accutely, and a bug, if one lands on me. Hair is there to protect us, I think. It acts like tentacles, little feelers, that feed back information to us about the surrounding world. I feel sexier with hairy legs and it's easier to snuggle wih my hubbie without pricking him with stubble. When we strop trying to fit a mold of womanhood we are able to see how similar the sexes really are. In turn, equality and mutual respect is more easily achieved. We must help destigmitize body hair and love ourselves in spite of prejudice. Power to the proud!

I really wish more women would appreciate the hair..its so much more sexy to see a woman in her natural are awesome and I wish more women chose to go this way...

You Rock

i appreciate and so understand. I believe in being totally natural. When a women excepts the true essence and her natural state... for me it's the greatest turn on.