The Beauty Of Hairy Women.

I look for many things in a woman. I like them to be intelligent, loving, sensitive, funny, caring and kind etc. I don't mind what height or size they are particularly, but I must admit that I couldn't be attracted to a woman who shaved her pubic area. Sexually speaking, body hair is what turns me on the most in a woman. I don't care what size her breasts are but it's nice if there's some hairs around the nipples. :D  

I absolutely love the look and feel of women's body hair. I doubt there's a woman alive that's too hairy for me. The hairier the better. Running my hand through a woman's pubic hair is possibly my favourite sexual activity. A hairy *** drives me insane with pleasure and there's no finer sight than a trail of hair up to the belly button. Hairy underarms are a big turn on also. So beautiful. Wherever a woman has hair, naturally, you can bet I appreciate it.

It makes me really sad that the trend seems to be for women to shave, these days, particularly as it makes me feel that enjoying a woman's natural body hair is almost seen as a fetish now, which strikes me as bizarre. I like women the way nature made them - what's fetishistic about that?!

I also hate the idea that some women feel pressured into hair removal by society when they might prefer to leave themselves natural, at least in some areas, if there weren't such pressures. I applaud women who want to be natural and stand up to unfair peer pressure.

Hairy women, you are beautiful and I adore you. x


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Their is nothing that turns me off more than going down a girls pants and it being completely bald!!! But if by some small miracle she actually does not shave it all off nothing arouses me more than a real woman who is not afraid to not follow a trend and be a woman not trying to be a pre pubescent teen... The harrier the better!!!!

i did not know many men loved hairy women. as a woman, i trim but i dont shave. i like it bushy down there.

I'm a super hairy woman, who has just given up trying to remove it, though I find it highly embarrassing to be as hairy as I am around the bikini line and legs. I'm just making me accept it, an hope one day to find a partner who can also.

@ginababe: That's wayyy hot. Wish there were more women like you.<br />
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Hairy women are the hottest.

I wish there would be a law that came out that caused women who want to shave their body to get a huge annual tax for shaving off their body hair. Would be great. I'd see women gradually stop shaving and then every women would say "we've had enough with the brain washing" and then no woman would shave. It'd be pure heaven. Imagine women putting in their dating profiles "hairy ***: YES" I think it's a crime not to appreciate a woman with a hairy or very hairy ***. Before I get married, it's going to happen. I'm going to have "the talk". I'll be sure to tell who I'm dating that I'd be very disappointed if she shaves any of her body hair. If she persists that she shave her underarms and perhaps legs just during the summer then I might give into that but I NEED a woman that looks at her hairy body and says "sh*t, I'm f*cking hot". the cherry on top is her adding "I'm going to celebrate by rubbing this all over my husband". I DO NOT want to be stuck with a woman that insists on shaving. The word for the woman that has learned how sexy her body is when she doesn't shave and still shaves because she rejects it is summed up in a few letters: SHALLOW.

hairy women ought to be a standard requirement for being physically attractive. Not gonna marry a woman who doesn't understand she's stunning when she doesn't shave her body hair.

women who shave are a dime a dozen. women who don't shave and are clean should be a standard requirement for a physically attractive woman.

Sure would like to communicate with you!

@unfairhair<br />
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Couldn't have said it better myself. It's weird having those talks with your significant other especially when you are asking her to do something that will make her super uncomfortable.<br />
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That's life lol

this is the bullcrap we call life. If you are a hairy woman, with hair in all the wrong places, the only men you will ever be able to find are men who hate that, and if you are a man who loves hairy women you wont be able to find one. Thats life.

omg love nipple hair- mine is looking good

I just want a woman to have hair where it grows. Period. I find a shaven, deodorized armpit a complete turn off. I leave the hairless women to the pedophiles. I usually explain my desires after dating a woman and if they choose to shave anyway, well, I'm gone. If I please her she needs to please me. 50/50

I love the hairs around a woman's bum hole.

I agree BonnieBelle....I prefer to see and feel a hairy bush>.> with a treasure trail >>> leading to the navel and a pair of beautiful hairy legs armpits and arms!!

Well, sorry guys. I am a woman and have armpit and pubic hair. But don't get carried away with hairy fantasies. If a woman is hairy all over, meaning hairy where a woman shouldn't have hair she would cease to be woman. You might as well look for a male with boobies and cunnie. LoL. Do I make sense?

Nope! I have body hair on my nipples, chest, stomach, neck and face. It's 100% natural and is a result of my Mediterranean heritage. My mom is hairier than typical and so is my aunt but we are all very much so women. Having body hair doesn't change you into a man. That's just silly.

no, not at all. So if you want the shaved look, maybe you should look for little girls. Now that is sick and gross.

A joke: Saw the most beautiful woman the other day at the beach. She had the most beautiful flowing long blonde hair that came all the way down her back. Only trouble was it was from her underarms! LOL<br />
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Hmm.... I thought it kinda fit the discussion. Suppose?

A joke: Saw the most beautiful woman the other day at the beach. She had the most beautiful flowing long blonde hair that came all the way down her back. Only trouble was it was from her underarms! LOL<br />
<br />
Hmm.... I thought it kinda fit the discussion. Suppose?

The thicker the Bush, the better!

It's great to see you guys talking and thinking like this :)<br />
Actually I really don't know what makes women to shave if they want to be natural and men also love if they go natural. (unless of course if they really WANT to remove their body hair) <br />
<br />
I think they just don't have enough confidence or didn't find a men yet who can show them how sensual body hair really is .