Natural Is Beautiful

I think there is nothing more beautiful then a woman as nature intended.  Female body hair is beautiful!    There is something so beautiful,sexy, and sensual about a woman with body hair.   I don't want a woman that looks like a plastic doll or worse an adult sized child.  I want a woman to look like a woman.   I personally consider our society's obsession with woman removing their body hair to be a bizarre and unhealthy fetish.  But that is just me.

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7 Responses Mar 11, 2010

You are so right, the shaving of hair and oversizing some body parts is so unnatural, I prefer women the natural way, not the synthetic kind of women.

body hair is great, we need more women to feel ok about their body hair. I know that society says its not ok and its gross, but we men love it. Feel good about ur body hair because its a beautiful thing.

Hehe it looks like it's not just you who thinks that. Good insight

That ex<x>pression Wyrdhippie is referring to a thick hairy pubic bush!

Nothing like a full "pocketbook">

Nothing like a full "pocketbook">

Well said that man. Plastic doll and adult-sized child are exactly what shaved women conjure up in my head.

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