So Daring...

After my story, One chance meeting, I continue wit this one. After buying a new slip(a long black satin half slip), I boarded a bus back home. I held the slip n felt its softness. Wow! I couldn't resist the urge to put it on immediately! Then I had boarded a bus n a lady was sitting beside me. What will I do? I removed the slip n held it in my hand n when she wasn't looking, I put it beside me, down towards the floor! While the bus was on motion, I began to wear it. I lifted my right foot n down it went into the slip. I did the same to my left. Then, I had my feet in the slip. I started pulling it up my legs, slowly up my thighs then to my waist. I already had a short black satin half slip before so it was bunched up wit the new slip. Then we got to our bus stop. I got down, started adjusting the slip on the road thru my robe. When I finished, I realised the slip was really long! It reached from my waist and flowed below my calf. And the feel, beautiful! That's the longest slip I've ever had! Noone knew I put on the slip in the bus or I'd have been embarrassed!
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