Half Slip Patty Part One

I have always loved slips as long as I can remember. A few years ago, a co worker and myself were having a conversation about a wedding she was going to attend. She mentioned she would have to buy a slip for the dress she would wear. That of course caught my attention, and I said ,"I'll buy one for you"! She looked surprised and siad what did I know about slips? I said plenty. Your a medium right? Again a surprised look. Well the next day at work a Friday I cam in with the slip. A red half slip. extremly silky and shiny in the light with a 5 inch lace red hem! Well she opened at her deask and marveled how beauitful it was, she was smiling and said she couldnt wait to try it on. I told her that I would love to see it on her for sure, she smiled. The weekend came and went and Monday came around. I couldnt wait to see Patty. We got together at lunch and she told me she was at her sisters house and many times during the weekend she tried the slip on with red heels. I told her I bet she looked amazing. She then said why dont I go to her apartment in the morning and she will model it. I couldnt believe my ears, I was raging hard by then and she looked down at it, while I stood next to her. She looked me and the eye and smiled.

Tuesday came I was knocking at her door at 730in the morning. SHe answered the door in a tee shirt and shorts, with wet hair. It seems she had just got out of the shower. We walked into her bedroom, the red half was folded neatly on the dresser. She too it then told me to go back to her living room. I waited for a bit then Paty came walking in. She was a vision. Latin, brown skin a great set of eyes , nice long hair. Her slip looked amazing on her and she had on a lace black bra and red strappy heels. I got up and she did a spin for me, I was hard as a rock.
SHe wrapped her arms arund me and we kissed deeply. We kissed forever it seemed. My hands slid down to her slip clad bottom, she had panties on, I could feel them and the two materails together made me solid rock hard. My hands did something to her and she instantly grabbed my **** through my slacks, had the belt undone and th slacks unzipped in a few seconds, and she was holding all 8 inches of solid thick ****. She jacked me for a while then got on the bed on all fours, and said take me! DAMN! I lifted her slip and pulled at her panties, she sid pull them to the side which I did., then slide very easy inside her , she was soaked and so were most of her panties and the back of her slip. I was pumping deelply into her and my hands grabbed her *** through the slip and panites it was almost too much. All of a sudden she started shaking and screaming ******* like crazy all over my **** , It was freaking amazing how she came. She told me that she wanted to see me ***. A full lenght mirror infornt of us was just right. She told me to pull out and cover her slip, how could i refuse. AS i pumped I looked downat her amazing *** with that pretty slip, thatswhat did it. I PULLED OUT AND EXPLODED!!!! My first shot came out like a rocket in a long stream of hot white goodness and sprayed over her slip coverd *** and across her back. Three more long ribbons of ***** covered her *** and legs. I was spent. More to *** soon.
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I dream about such an experience!!!!!!!! Did tyou ever repeat it??/