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I own a Vanity Fair full slip that I have had for years. I now own two VF half-slips, one 30" long and one 24" long. Each one has delicate lace at the hem and on the sides of the deep slit that each of them has. They are very sexy. There is something about VF fabric. It is silky soft, but it is also smooth like most other brands are not. This is true of my slips, my panties, my short gowns, my PJs, and the five vintage long gowns that I now have. I remember putting on one of my long VF gowns when I got it and thinking that it felt very nice, but it didn't send me over the moon. But the longer I wore it, the better it felt, until I didn't want to take it off. I wore it almost non-stop for two days. Pure heaven.
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I have a nice little 16" Vanity Fair Half Slip with a slit or a "vent" as they call it. It is one of the older ones made of the Antron III nylon which was finer and more sheer than the nylon they use now. The current stuff has a shinier but slighyly more coarse feel to it and it is not quite as transparent as the wonderful Antron III. I can wear my slip even with a pair of shorts and the vent is almost like a fly so I can wear it "underdressed". So, I understand your love of VF slips. By the way, I love their panties too.

I have enjoyed a few VF slips and nightgowns over the years!

Some of the best feeling experiences I have had with slips were a white Lorraine full slip & some Sears "the Doesnt Slip" white waist slips with a modesty la<x>yer on the inside front--absolutely incredible nylon feeling ! They most likely came in black too.

I owne several Vanty Fair half slips and briefs. They are my favorites. I also love to wear a bra.