I bought a 24" white Vanity Fair half-slip at Kohl's yesterday. If you shop at Kohl's, you will know that there are no checkouts throughout the store the way there are at JC Penney. You have to go to the checkout area near the main entrance. Well, I was hoping for a pretty young female sales clerk to talk to. I want to start letting them know I am shopping for myself. It turned out that the only available clerks were guys. Bummer. At least the slip was on sale (25% off).
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Yes they do. I have bought several very pretty VF half-slips at Kohl's recently. I get a charge, though, when the clerk is a pretty young woman. I thnk they usually know I am buying for myself, and that gives me a bit of a rush. I have bought several Miss Elaine nightgowns at Dillard's recently, and have develped a nice rapport with a quite attractive clerk of oriental descent who knows for sure that I am shopping for myself, becuase we have talked just a bit about it. She always smiles and greets me when I come in to her department.I like that.