Proper Undergarments Are Essential To Great Outfits.

I can't recall the last time I saw a dress or skirt so sheer that I thought it needed a slip. I think  clothes manufacturers had gotten a bit more savvy about these things and don't make so many sheer (see-thru) garments any more. Of course there is the exception with some skirts and dresses that are made so sheer that they were obviously meant to have a slip. Don't want to show everything too soon.

Then again, I wear slips because sometimes a dress or skirt clings to my tights or hose and bunches up, so the slip makes the skirt "slip" nicely over my curves and makes for a smoother silhouette. So yes, there is still the occasion to wear a slip and fell great about it. Some dresses and skirts have linings which would not warrant a slip.

Personally, unless a woman has a perfect body she wishes to show-off, she should wear a slip underneath unlined dresses. I think it makes a big difference!

If it's a dress then a full slip, if it's a skirt a half slip. Well, that's my rule of thumb any way.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but it works for me.

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Traditionally, the slip was used to prevent our undies (bras and panties) from showing under our dresses and skirts.Over the years more and more skirts and dresses have been made with liners that serve the traditional function of slips. I have many girlfriends who don't even own a slip much less wear them. I, on the other hand, have retained my love for pretty slips. For me, wearing beautiful lingerie is important and slips are my favorite form of lingerie. I have the liners removed from my new skirts and dresses so that I can wear my slips without being too warm. I would also add that in my view, my dresses hang better on me when I wear a half slip rather than rely on the manufacturer's liner.

They are pretty sensous too!!. I'm a am who loves to wear a slip when my partner is also. I sometimes wear silky panties under the slip and get her to put her hand up my leg as I do the same to her.<br />
To feel a silky slip against you in bed is just adorable and no man can resist a sexy slip in bed!!!

Slips always. Sometimes necessary to save your skirt catching on your tights, sometimes for fun if you have a really lovely pretty slip, and sometimes just because it simply feels so nice even though your skirt is lined. I love my slips. They're pretty sexy and sensuous too in the bedroom without the skirt!

I too wear half slips on occasion, epecially when wearing a girdle under a tight skirt. It's so much more comfortable and smooths out the bumps caused by the suspenders on my OB girdles; they are also good for that "extra la<x>yer" during cold weather in winter, and a bonus when they are made of satin which causes a shhhh... when walking through the office, which causes heads to turn, especially amongst the lads!!

I will always remember the sight of my mother getting ready to go somewhere and walking around the house or standing in the bathroom doing her hair in her half slip and bra. I was very young then, before puberty, but the sight still fascinated me and even today I love the glimpse of a slip showing from under a woman's dress or skirt. Some things just never change or grow old :)

Something I picked up from my mother too!

my mother taught us that nice girls wear slips lol!!

I still wear slips under clothing too! Even if it is a dress I am just going to wear a half slip - maybe a camisole on top--. But skirts? I almost always wear a slip--unless it is a hippie skirt in the summer - then I just let the world see my everything lol!!