M.S.O. Pet Contest

Last week I was watching Martha Stewart and she had mentioned something about going to her website to vote for the cutest pet costumes. If I was to join, I could vote. I didn't want to join, yet I wanted to see those cute costumes. I found several I really liked. So I decided to collect those images and share them with all of you.

Beer Maiden by nvipperman

Pimps by Robyn Sulanowki

Elvis by soopmova

Flower Weinereimer by weimsjacks

Princess and Pumpkin Schnausers by wheelingbcats

Dekespeare by ghotideke

Warden and Con by teri928

Hedgehog Bob Pumpkin by Lantern

Shark Dog by azraff

Yorkie Butterfly by jaime01

Cowboy O'Malley by purrpal

Golden Witch by goldenmisty

Wizard of Dogz Cast by hrlollar

Pirate by bunnyluv

Devil Tabby by cowboyjanesinbed

Mummy and Pumpkin by UteGoddess

Tuxedo Dozer Bunny by vikki_marie

Raggy Bella Witch by tbrownrosin

Hot Dog Kashi by carilee

Cow Cat by martin1

German Pumpkin by rottsrus

Darth Vader by gdt2

Zesto the Cow by Breehan

Reindeer Chihuahua

Ghost Dogs by TillieCamillie

Shamrock Cat by bellybee

Hippy Shih Tzu by BeccaS

Little Stinker by jesseatte

Yorkie Pig by karynbosnak

Mini Mouse by bird231

Elephant Bichon by Teisha

Girl Scout by first_Lobster

Witchy Cat by Blue3410

Little Red Riding Chihuahua

Inspector basenji by Henrybasenji

Wizard of Dogz

Boston Spider by soya77

Colts Mascot Mini Horse

Bat Dschshund

Santa Dog by zmalik

Augzilla by argonaut

Ballerina Boxer

Ham Dog by PaleBlue

Corgi Farmer by sayliama

Bat Chihuahua by Lisa Torelli

'50's Gal Dog by Kelsoboy

Tank the Flying Ace by b1elclclal

Lion Retriever by jeanninePC99

Beer Dogs by allie7582

Butterfly Chihuahua by honkey

Cubs Mascot by nikki29

Betty Gladys Devil by Normalou

Racing Great Dane by koble1

Knight and Sheltie by poobernut

Hula Yorkie by  adellel
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6 Responses Oct 31, 2010

Yes, that was so clever Coinvolta. He already has the dairy cow coloring, just add the udders and the cow bell creates the perfect costume.

Ahahahaha! I dig the one dog with an udder under its tummy the best.

Sure, I enjoyed sharing it with you :~)

Wonderful pics Unique, Thank You! lol

Yeah, those are soooo cute! I love the clever ones. I mean anyone can buy a gift and place it on their pet. I like the ones that took some thought and like you said Merily, matched their personality.

No destiney24, they never do. Its only for our entertainment. :D • Thank you for looking at my story, I realized I got carried away when it took me like a couple hours just to add the images. LOL Oh, well, I chose the very best out of like 800 photos.