i Love halloween
Its the one day u can be as slutty as you want and you cant be judged
Last year i was a naughty school girl this year im thinking belly dancer :) cant wait
Each party means a diff outfit
sugarsweet88 sugarsweet88
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7 Responses Oct 8, 2011

What ever you go as is your thoughts and ideas.Just live the way you want to . If you want to be a slutty school girl or a exotic belly dancer. Then that is your choice. Make us guys work hard to see your treats and maybe get some tricks as well

Are you kidding me? I hate when people dress slutty. It is a day to honor the dead and what do you do? Dress like a *****.

i hate when people dont know how to have fun. let people celebrate how they want to. im sure you dont party much as thats what halloween modern day is all about.

Oh i do. I just actually celebrate some of the old tradition too. There is still no excuse to dress slutty.

dude honestly people like you are the people who die alone. youre pathetic

I bet you were pretty hot as a belly dancer ;)

yes it is the one day to dress up like a ****

haha you already know me so well ;)<br />
maybe a naughty school girl will show up this year

haha my ex boyfriend did that to me last year.. i loved it.

A cup of tea a day ,keep the doctor away<br /><br />