Little Ones In Costumes For Trick Or Treats

Today is Halloween and soon the little ones will be ringing the doorbell to get their treats.
Love the little ones in their outfits the most, holding up their bag or little plastic pumpkin to get their treats.
We don't get as many kids trick or treating as we used to and that is disappointing.
Hope more come by this year, have plenty of treats to give out.. :-)
marcialynn marcialynn
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1 Response Oct 31, 2011

Great story and one that I can relate to. I loved to see the kids come to the door and ask or have to be prompted to ask "Trick or Treat. My wife would also be at the door watching the neighborhood children and those from other areas. My wife passed away and for the past couple of yrs I have been making the rounds with my grandchildren. I forgot what it was like on that side of the<br />
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