Homemade Ones ...

... pieced together ones ... not just some slutty Rainbow Bright outfit you pulled out of a bag.
Let me clarify: If you'd like to be slutty for Halloween, that's totes cool. I'm all about it. Halloween is kind of a go-as-you-aren't event, so perhaps this is the night you let your hair down. Whatever ...
However, be slutty and creative. Really, you don't have to be a seamstress to make an amazing costume. Glue gun, glitter, staples, No Stitch fabric glue, safety pins, cheap wigs, cardboard, paint, scissors ... seriously, an amazing f@$#ing costume is probably already at your house just waiting to happen.
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3 Responses Dec 16, 2011

Homemade costumes are the best. A old pair of jeans destined for the trash. Flannel shirt that's fading. Beanie cap and I'm a hobo or replace the cap with a straw hat and scarecrow or farmer. People say they aren't creative because they don't try. I've seen people who spend $100 every year for a costume and I'm spending $20 maximum. Most of that to a craft store instead of a Halloween store for patches. Or the dollar store for $1 lipstick. Other people like the homemade ones better and I got a lady who sews to make her own costume. She said it was more fun making her own.

I agree with you . Your house is your costume store. Make the costume yours and not some store pieces of junk that will fall apart on you . Like most do after Halloween is over

Ah, they may be creative, what they are lacking is time. To create something does require time. They are going to go out in public wearing it right? Some people may feel if its not to a certain standard, they'd rather not & just buy something because its quick & serves the purpose.<br />
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I've made many outfits and some in a short period of time. One time I was asked to attend an event I had not planned to go out, so didn't have a costume, I created a quick one in 2 hours. It wasn't spectacular but I liked it & I was participating. I'm an artist & creative, so I can be somewhat creative 'on demand'.