I Won't Dress Up. I Will Be Myself.

Yes. I'm too old for dress up. Frankly... I grow out of  Halloween when  I was 14 years old.  I was just treat or tricking.  A nosy neighbor asked How  old was I. I say  14 years old. So after that I didn't go to treat or tricking anymore. I remember I dressed up as Ghost face costume  when I was almost 15 years old. The mask was hard to breathe in it. It wasn't  the same as the Ghost face  costume in Scream Movies.  Frankly it was too costly too. Man.. What was I thinking?


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You are right.

The ghost face masks would be so much nicer if the part that goes over your mouth was a darkly colored screen so some air could get through.

Well. I can watch Scary movies.

Well, I guess it is understandable that some people will eventually lose interest in Halloween, but there are some who probably never will. I know I still love Halloween. :)

Thank you.. <br />
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I'm in my late 20's now...

My apology to Mr.HStoner. Scream 4 movie is really really scary. I had watched on Wednesday. Man.. I was so scared. I was shivering....

I'm scary enough as is.

Really? Well... I don't know..

You're never too old for a costume.

Thank you TP...


That could work. :)

Right. Scream 4?

You don't need to dress up to enjoy Halloween. Just watch some scary movies or something. :O