It Is The Time Of The Year I Feel Free

I love creepy aesthetics so halloween is the time of the year I can dress in a spooky way without freaking out people (too much lol). Also I can enjoy dark themed literature, music and art as much as I want because it is everywhere!
In the end I think we might wear a mask or a costume but to me it feels more like stripping rather than dressing up. Don't you agree?
Dragon3lf Dragon3lf 18-21, F 2 Responses May 26, 2012

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Yes, I agree. Alas, here, in France, Halloween is not celebrated .. It's a shame .. I would like to spend those hours in the clothes I like, to feel in my place for a few hours and dare to show me how I feel in me ... and as I want to be ... a woman....

well as long you feel happy with that nothing is wrong! right?

Right.... People tend to avoid me when I look like that though.

ha,ha,ha some are not so open with all this kind of stuff you know?