School Nightmare

This is my first story, yes it is fake but i hope you enjoy it a comment for other stories I should do would be appreciated :P

Hi i'm Sam and I'm with my best friend Jake,my girlfriend Ashley, and Jake's girlfriend Hannah and we where just stuck in a burning school. Here is how it happened.

I went to the school dance with Ashley and we met up Jake and Hannah we where having a blast when all of a sudden Matt and Fred the 2 school bullies grabbed all 4 of us and dragged us to a closet. They through us in, and shut the door and locked it. " What's going on Sam?" asked Ashley. " I don't know but i'm scared!" I replied. We heared 2 bangs and then it was chaos. People where screaming and things where breaking and smashing. The fire alarm went off and we could smell smoke. The school was burning! Help can anybody hear us we screamed but there was nobody there. The door then clicked and opened. It was Matt he said sorry and that they had to get out of here. They ran and by the entrance of the door Fred stood there starring at us. He pulled his gun quickly and shot Matt. Matt fell and was dead. He pointed the gun at Ashley and I grabbed the gun Matt had and shot. It just missed Fred. Fred pointed the gun at me and then fired it just missed me. I told the others to get to cover and Fred and I had a all out war. He shot, I shot then he shot again, I felt a burning pain in my shoulder and when I looked there was a hole in it. I struggled but managed to shoot. Fred fell to the ground. I fell to my knees and cried. Ashley, Jake, and Hannah came out and saw me they grabbed me and we ran out the door. the police came and searched us and they put us in the ambulances and sent us to the hospital. They rushed in and found Fred and Matt. The End!!!
salemcool24 salemcool24
13-15, M
Jun 16, 2012