I Can't Explain How Much It Rocks

I love monsters and every Halloween I love picking out a costume and acting like that creature. Example: If I'm a Witch, I start to practice my evil cackle all month. I know it's cheesy, but it's also really fun!! I'm that girl at school who would come wearing a black feather in my hair, orange highlights, and all my clothes would be purple and orange and black, when it was only September 10th.
I can't wait to make my Haunted House this year!! Sadly, my neighborhood doesn't celebrate Halloween, so I'll have to do it at my Aunt's house. She might not let me though, she has no Halloween spirit and never bothers to decorate the house at all for it. If she doesn't let me decorate her house, then I'll just make a Halloween Stand out on the street or something.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!(even though it's July 31)
DewDropsontheGrass DewDropsontheGrass
13-15, F
Jul 31, 2012