Who Doesnt?

Best part of the year for me when I was a kid was Halloween, liked it better than Christmas.

Nothing better than freezing yourself knocking around begging people for sweets.

Now I love the all night Halloween movie marathons in the independent cinema, or just staying in after the bonfire and watching a few old horror movies.

Other times I just dress slutty and get drunk
NoPointinLying NoPointinLying 22-25, F 1 Response Aug 1, 2012

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Do you have Devils Night or Mischevious Night where you grew up? Its always the night before halloween, but some places have never heard of it.

No never heard of it, we use to have a tradition were the night after Halloween people got home before dark because thats when the "spirits" could roam around freely. lol

I wonder if its regional. Well, in Michigan its traditional to go our after dark and egg peoples windows, toilet paper the trees, shaving foam in mailboxes and the like. Harmless, but fun for kids.

Lol, I've heard of the many different ways American's celebrate Halloween lol. Over here its mainly fireworks and bonfires.