It's A Magical Night

As a kid, I loved the fantasy, the costumes, the trick or treating and the adventure. I can't say I really ever stopped my love for the day. For many years I lived the adventure through my kids, making sure they had the same fun I did as a kid. I still enjoy the kids coming to the door in every costume imaginable. The excitement in the little ones voices tickles me to the pit of my stomach. Tomorrow night my place will be decorated, the pumkins carved and the candy bowl full. It's not just for kids though. The partiies at the local pubs, and the celibration that goes with it makes for one hell of a good time. This year my wife and I found the ugliest of masks and dressed as the most hidious elderly you ever saw. Good times. Maybe we were just modeling our future looks! Cheers all! Enjoy the night!
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2 Responses Oct 30, 2012

Thanks for sharing.In the UK it really has never taken off,I guess because here we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on Nov 5th,he was the man behind the plot to blow up parliament hundreds of years ago.Many light fires in their gardens and let off fireworks,a great night for the kids (and grown up kids!).

I have heard of him. Recently there was a movie out that hilighted his exploits. Both of these celebrations are fun for the kids, and the young at heart!

I too loved Hallowe'en as a kid. I'm still a kid at heart, which is why I still love Hallowe'en.