Downtown In Costume

It takes guts to prowl downtown wearing a hooded cape and an orange shirt that says "Witch in Training". It takes even more guts to add a broom decorated with a sign that says "Student Flyer".

But that's exactly what I did today.

And I stayed in character almost the whole time.

I had a reply and an explanation for everything.  I was still a student flyer 'cause I can't seem to pass my flight test.  But when I do, I'll get to ditch the hood and wear a real pointy witch's hat! 

"Isn't that schooling expensive?"  (Yes, someone actually asked me that!)

"Yeah...I'm on scholarship right now, but that may not last.  I have got to past this stupid flight test!"

You get the idea.  In Walgreen's (drugstore) a teenage boy actually went behind me and fixed my hood.  His female companion scolded him for "messing with people" but I laughed, thanked the boy, and told them that I did need to stay in uniform.

Pretty much everyone in Walgreen's liked the costume; one employee laughed and said I won for the day!  (Didn't ask what I won; the reaction was more than enough!)

Granted, I got a few dirty looks.  This is the Bible Belt, after all.  But I don't care.  I had too much fun!
Plaid Plaid
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1 Response Oct 31, 2012

Well, that did take some guts, but it's cool that you had fun. I wanted to wear my kilt yesterday evening to meet my wife for shopping and pizza afterwards, but just didn't have the cojones.