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Best Holiday Ever

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love it. Its spooky and fun. You stay up and watch scary movies. And eat lots of candy!! Go walking late, maybe to a grave yard. My favorite part is dressing up. A lot of people say ur 19, ur too old to do that. I don't care! Haha its to much fun to give up. I wanted to be a corpse bride this halloween, but didn't have the money to :( maybe next year though! I wish halloween came around just a little more often though, like every 6 months :)
imperfect19 imperfect19 18-21, F 3 Responses Nov 15, 2012

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Dressing is my favorite part,too. Question: Out of all the things you've ever dressed up as, what is your favorite?

A witch :) of course I never did the whole green face big nose thing. I never really liked that XD I like wicca tho so I liked going as a witch for halloween :) this halloween I\'m thinking of doing the sugar skull thing :) u know what that is?!

Witches are cool (: I love the variety of witch costumes out there. I don\'t really like the green skin and nose thing either.
And sorry, I don\'t know what the sugar skull thing is. Can you tell me?

Hm.. a lil hard to explain. If u look it up on tootle, I\'m sure it\'ll be there :)) type in sugar skull or sugar skull makeup. Its cool

i agree. halloween is the best. it is so fun to step out of yourself and dress up all crazy and act all crazy even if just for the night

I know. I wish halloween came around every 6 months!

You're never too old to have fun! =]

Thats what I think too :)