Best Holiday Ever

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love it. Its spooky and fun. You stay up and watch scary movies. And eat lots of candy!! Go walking late, maybe to a grave yard. My favorite part is dressing up. A lot of people say ur 19, ur too old to do that. I don't care! Haha its to much fun to give up. I wanted to be a corpse bride this halloween, but didn't have the money to :( maybe next year though! I wish halloween came around just a little more often though, like every 6 months :)
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3 Responses Nov 15, 2012

Dressing is my favorite part,too. Question: Out of all the things you've ever dressed up as, what is your favorite?

Witches are cool (: I love the variety of witch costumes out there. I don\'t really like the green skin and nose thing either.
And sorry, I don\'t know what the sugar skull thing is. Can you tell me?

i agree. halloween is the best. it is so fun to step out of yourself and dress up all crazy and act all crazy even if just for the night

You're never too old to have fun! =]