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"fantastic !!!!!!!!"<br />
<br />
Thanks....making these is fun and rather like therapy for me...<br />

"Is there a pic reflected in the blade?"<br />
<br />
mmm...I don't think so,this is a pic of me with graphic overlay.....

It's brilliant (again) POE!! Is there a pic reflected in the blade? I can't quite make it out, but it looks like something's there... <br />
<br />
Samhain/Halloween is my favourite time of year!

"Another month flies by us! ;~)"<br />
Indeed it does my friend.

Oh, how beautiful!!!!<br />
<br />
Tis time for touche by the sabre. <br />
<br />
Would love to fence in the light of the full moon soon upon us!<br />
<br />
Alas, time to bake those magic cookies. Another month flies by us! ;~)

Woo Datura..!<br />
Come enter the costume contest..?


"..edgy blingy sword there squirreler.."<br />
<br />
Indeed kind sir...this is MY sword that I use when dancing wild dances.{It balances on top of my head}<br />
This is also a photo of me with added graphics.<br />
<br />
ps<br />
The cookies are magic and allow you to have visions in color...

Samhain a time of bonfires and celebration. <br />
"Yar be bar" edgy blingy sword there squirreler girl. Does the dark side really have cookies?<br />

"I wish I had the patience.."<br />
<br /> is like anything else.<br />
We excell at what we enjoy.<br />
Sometimes I work with my films and graphics till I fall over in a semi coma and need to sip rootbeer from a straw....

"..getting a little scary there, Squirrel."<br />
<br />
Yes...but I DID post this around Halloween.<br />
Just keeping with the season lilt.<br />
<br />
No?<br />
Well * SIGH * ....<br />
I am edgy.<br />
Always have been.<br />
<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
<br />
Your avitar is beautiful lilt!<br />
* changes subject - hopes lilt is not too creeped out *<br />
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Okay, getting a little scary there, Squirrel.<br />
Come on!