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"fantastic !!!!!!!!"

Thanks....making these is fun and rather like therapy for me...


"Is there a pic reflected in the blade?"

mmm...I don't think so,this is a pic of me with graphic overlay.....

It's brilliant (again) POE!! Is there a pic reflected in the blade? I can't quite make it out, but it looks like something's there...

Samhain/Halloween is my favourite time of year!

"Another month flies by us! ;~)"

Indeed it does my friend.

Oh, how beautiful!!!!

Tis time for touche by the sabre.

Would love to fence in the light of the full moon soon upon us!

Alas, time to bake those magic cookies. Another month flies by us! ;~)

Woo Datura..!

Come enter the costume contest..?


"..edgy blingy sword there squirreler.."

Indeed kind sir...this is MY sword that I use when dancing wild dances.{It balances on top of my head}

This is also a photo of me with added graphics.


The cookies are magic and allow you to have visions in color...

Samhain a time of bonfires and celebration.

"Yar be bar" edgy blingy sword there squirreler girl. Does the dark side really have cookies?


"I wish I had the patience.." is like anything else.

We excell at what we enjoy.

Sometimes I work with my films and graphics till I fall over in a semi coma and need to sip rootbeer from a straw....

"..getting a little scary there, Squirrel."

Yes...but I DID post this around Halloween.

Just keeping with the season lilt.


Well * SIGH * ....

I am edgy.

Always have been.


Your avitar is beautiful lilt!

* changes subject - hopes lilt is not too creeped out *


Okay, getting a little scary there, Squirrel.

Come on!