Any ideas of pranks to play on the neighborhood kids?
sighselly sighselly
13-15, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Carve a pumpkin and put a walkie-talkie inside it. Leave the pumpkin on your porch (optional: leave a bowl of candy next to it) and your porch light on, but don't go outside. Stay inside with the other walkie-talkie and watch for kids coming to get candy. When they're close, talk on the walkie-talkie. This may only work on younger kids though :P

Put a stuffed scarecrow in big clothes and a mask on your lawn or porch. Leave him there for the weeks leading up to Halloween. When the kids trick or treat, get in the clothes and mask. They'll think it's still the scarecrow. Grab their hand as they pass by.