My Halloween Thoughts

I'd still love to go to an all out Halloween Party.  Where everyone has some well thought out costumes and such, and adult one.

The last one I went to was when I was around 12. The woman that lived next door was a huge fan of Halloween.  She used to paint her daughters face and my face every year. 
She even had a 'haunted house' in her basement.  Looking back, it was pretty cheaply made.  However, as a child it was very cool.

I remember a Halloween later on when I was a teen.  We had an early winter that year, really early.  A blizzard hit and they postponed Halloween.  We were all ready to hand out candy too.

I looked longingly outside, watching the snow and the drifts in the "punk girl" costume that I had on (ripped jeans, black shirt, extra make up) and I saw someone trudging through the snow.

It was a younger friend of mine.  Apparently, he decided that Halloween was not cancelled and he was going to Trick Or Treat no matter what.  Stubborn little guy.

Was sort of cute watching him fight his way through the snow banks in his superman costume, heading up to the home across the street from my house.

I also remember a year that I went with a friend of mine.  We took her little brother. It was sort of our "last blast" as far as trick or treating went.  Getting to that age where we were too old to get away with it.  It was a fun night.  He was about 6 if I remember correctly.  He was told that once they offer the candy, he should say thank you.

At one home, the nice woman held out the bowl, telling him to take some.  He reached into the bowl, a big smile on his face and said "Thank you!".  After dipping his hand into his own bag to drop off the treats, he then reached into the bowl and with that big smile said "Thank you!"  He was so darn adorable that the woman didn't stop him.  He did it 4 times before we pulled him away.

I also remember one year, when I was still young enough to trick or treat.  I didn't want to go.  Why? How could a kid not want to go out and get a bag full of candy?

The Birds was on TV.  That was and still is a favorite movie of mine.
Since I was forced to go, I was quite delighted to find that at one of the homes I trick or treated at, they were watching the movie.  I remember reaching for the candy, as I kept trying to see around the person at the door, trying to get a good look at the TV.

Those are my fond memories of Halloween.
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Meow, what do you now do to celebrate halloween? DId it stop when you were to old for trick or treating?