Trick Or Treat!

This is really 2 stories.

This is such a great holiday.  This was my grandmothers favorite holiday because when she was no longer able to get out much all the kids came to her house to trick or treat.  The last Halloween she was alive she was in the hospital.  I dressed up my two boys as always and we went to the hospital.  This was the last halloween we had with her.  It was also my last pictures of her with my boys as she died 3 weeks later.  I've put those pictures away for safe keeping but look at them time and again and know every Halloween she's watching my boys.  My oldest and I usually cry on the way to town every Halloween because we both miss her.

Tonight for our church we went trick or treating for can's.  Yep our church does this every year to help our the local food pantry.  I had a group of 5th & 6th grade boys with me they were great we had a lot of fun.  I knew them all since they are in my son's class.  I think it would be great if other churches did this!  Maybe somebody to pass it on the their church and maybe you could do it next year!!!!

Everyone have a wonderful Halloween!!!!!



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7 Responses Oct 24, 2007

I am so glad you get to celebrate it now? Do you do something special?

I hadn't thought about it like that but I see your point!

Cause the world on the whole is an *** and is not nice.<br />
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A person is nice and loving but people together are a whole different creature.

Why can't people just be nice!

It sucks because of the few that hate others so much, or dislike the holiday.<br />
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Of course if everyone followed the trick or treat rules it may not have come to what it is now and parents would still let their kids go out Trick or Treating. makes me mad as hell that bad people have ruined it for the good people....

Sorry for the loss but it was a good time for all.<br />
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Halloween is a great holiday and sad that it has gotten so far out of control with the people out there that want to nothing but hurt someone having harmless fun.<br />
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Good idea for your church to have it as a food drive also.