Halo 4 And 343

I got Halo 4 and love it. I think it's great and that 343 did an excellent job on there first Master Chief Halo game. I love how they had great graphics without sacrificing game time. They had great music and sound effects. I like the weapon selection; although, I kinda miss the submachine guns and Spikers (especially the Spikers, they were a cool melee weapon as well). I love the action. And the story line, I thought was great. They brought a new twist in the series without drastically changing it. They made the Human race a competent race that actually held it's own against the Forerunners, even though humanity lost. I think it's kinda sad that Cortana isn't with the Chief, but I'm cool with it. I'm also really glad that they didn't try to make her human and fall in love with the Chief (Vision and Wanda). But it does have somethings that I found annoying.

1) No dual wielding: I'm cool without dual weilding needlers, but no akimbo style pistols!!! I mean Halo 3 had it, why not 4?

2) The Grunts don't say anything funny. This is more of a slight dissapointment than anything else. I know that they wanted to make the game more serious, and I think they did a great job. But I kinda miss when they kill you and you hear "His boots are mine!", or when they don't see you yet and you hear a silly conversation. I did notice the funny conversation between two marines and the dialogue between the Chief and Cortana, so no problem with the added silly stuff.

3) I beat it on Legendary in 19 hours. Not stright, over 3 nights. But I had my hopes up when I read about how they were going to make the enemy attacks more complex, and even more so if they had another warrior type with them. I found it too easy to wipe them out, mainly the crawlers. I don't mind the head shot weakness, but maybe two or three shots on Legendary before they blow up. The fliers were annoying because they always move and find cover, and then you're shot by the knights, nice challenge. The Knights are strong and can teleport and regenerate, so that was also a nice challenge. I would have love to have seen more shooting from the enemy. I guess if they made it too challenging then it wouldn't be as popular, we game consumers realy are a fickle species.

So over all I'm more than satisfied with it.
G4mb1t G4mb1t
18-21, M
Nov 28, 2012