I Love You

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8 Responses May 1, 2011

hahaha<br />
just experiment with that....<br />
let's get some ice from Alaska....so that your mixture will not melt over time

Lol that would probably suck big time.

okh...make your own halo-halo....give us some....we would like to taste it too<br />
mix vodka with cookies and ice cream and cheese..that would be great

Sounds great....... I'll go look whats in my freezer :)

nope...it's the name of the desert..it's full of different fruits and stuff like ice cream, ice, nuts, and leche flan...hehe

Is 'halo-halo' name of a store?

okh<br />
let's eat.....that's halo-halo.....it's delicioso

I want me some of that!