Love Listening To The Fire Department Work

I've been listening to short wave radio for several years. At first I had a mixed wave band radio. I still listen to that on occasion. It was cumbersome and wasn't as portible as my hand held scanner. I've really enjoy listening to the scanner. I have more control over the stations in which I'm interested, I can lock out certain channels and its light and more portable.

Listening to the dispatch send out engine personnell to calls is very interesting. I've even gone to an accident I had heard via the scanner. I've learned a lot from other people's mistakes. Now I don't do that very often, just once in a long while. By listening to the scanner before I drive somewhere I can avoid accidents too. I just take a different route. The local news seems to only mention something on the radio or TV if its something big, so this is the best, most current and useful system for me.
4vrUnique 4vrUnique
Jul 19, 2010