Radio Statics Makes a Great Noise

     To all the Ham radio operators I used to be in the AF and I know you can hear us on this wide range Frqcy (Frequency) if we speak on it.  No its not classified but since its often used to communicate when your in distress.  I like to say "Roger, I hear you Loud and Clear."

    I have been gone for nearly a decade in that field but I love every minute of it.  I hear static and its a blessing to know that its just not some stupid channel on TV. If you listen carefully you can pick up the slightest sound across the globe.  Thank goodness they do not have to do the dash and dot test anymore just to get your license.   But i often will write down acronyms when i do my logs at work. It confused a few people at first, but when I told them the meaning and its staring them in the face, they go "Oh now i see it."

    This is short, my bean soup is smelling real good right now so i have to stir the pot once in a while. Take care y'all and "Roger OUT!"

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I know this post is ancient .. but they can have my radio when they prey it from my dead frozen garage.

My mother was the biggest fan of this stuff I have ever met in my entire existence. She could tell you where every cop and ambulance were in the city at any time of the day- she was amazing! I have never met anyone else other than my own mother who was actually interested in this stuff so I am amazed by this group. If my mother were young she would definitely have joined this group. I should join it as her proxy:)

MzDivine, No not at all, i'm talking about 300 billion square miles of radio space used for military and civilian communication. If someone knew about it and came into our frequency and asked for a Mayday ,we can not refuse.. God i love that job. It was scary at first but as many time you get on, it became fun.

Your talking about a cell phone man, but yeah they have those things done too. I just like talking on the radio where someone could hear me halfway around the world.

You are bringing back memories of 27mgz..C.B radio!<br />
<br />
Not in your League, I know..but so good to talk to the whole top half of Australia using an aerial attached to the curtain rail in the lounge room!<br />
<br />
....C.T.10, out!!