Hammock Days

Like my story about mangoes, this goes back to my days of living on a Maui farm. My memories take me back to a yard full of several mango trees, one from shock we hung a tire swing, and two others supported a hammock. On warm afternoons, it was nice to lay in the hammock with a good book or eve with my eyes closed for a comfortable nap until one of the boys would spot me and sneak up behind me and try to swing me hard enough to turn me full circle.

Each tree was surrounded by a small "garden" my mother laid with large rocks as a border and colorful flowers such as marigolds or orchids.

Although the hammock was a bit difficult to get in and out of, it was very comfortable once you were in and settled.

There were a few times we would have to race to get time in the hammock, as everyone wanted a chance to lay there or swing in it, but for the most part, its where I spent a lot of my free time after school and on weekends.
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Ah, back in the day. Mango bread, mango chutney, mango mango. You couldn't get rid of the stuff fast enough.