Had 7 Hamsters

I have had loads of hamsters from the age of 8.

Piglet - White fur, had him for 2 years, died of old age.
Tiger - Cream coloured fur, lasted a month, died from not eating or drinking.
Jerry - Light brown fur, lasted 2 years, died of old age.
Harry - Dusty grey, lasted a week, died of unknown causes.
Blossem - Light brown fur, lasted 2-3 years, died of old age.
Theo - Mix of light brown and white fur, lasted 3 years, died of old age.
Jay - Mix of black and white fur, lasted 4 months, killed by cat.

I remember Theo the most as he is the most loveliest hamster out of all of them. When he was around, I was going through a difficult time in my life. He would be asleep in his cage and I would burst into tears, he would soon wake up and go to cage door standing on his back legs looking at me. It was like he was saying 'Tell me why you are crying and then give me food!'. I would take him out of his cage and stroke him until I felt better and gave him his food where he would stash his food in his storage area of the cage and go to sleep. 

I remember Blossem being the big cheeked hamster. I would fill her bowl up and she would put it all in her cheeks. Me and my Mum laughed at how much she tried to stuff them in. 

Harry... Well when I went to pick him out he was quite energetic. He was eating and drinking properly. But when I went to pick him up, he wasn't moving and felt stiff. He just died out of nowhere and he was alive an hour before. 

Jerry, not very much. I remember getting her thinking she was a boy but turned out it was a girl. But I just called her Jerry.

Tigger was a very... masculine hamster. I gave him the name of the energetic character from Winnie the Pooh (favourite show at time) and he certainly had the personality of Tigger. First thing he did when we put him in his cage was go on the wheel and he knew how to use everything in the cage within seconds. But he forgot to eat and drink.

Piglet, my very first hamster who I named after Winnie The Pooh's best friend. I don't really remember much about him.... apart from the time when my parents told me to keep him away from the cats so I covered the cage with a blanket (I was 8 at the time). And I also drew a picture of the piglet from Winnie The Pooh writing on top 'Piglet's cage' and stuck it to the bars of the cage but Piglet thought it was something to chew.
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May 24, 2012