Cassie Marie

 I have a cute hamster named Cassie Marie (yes she has 2 names!) She is brown and beige belly. It's a golden syrian Hamster. It's about 7 month old and is sweet as hell.

What i like about her is that when i called her name she comes running(not all the time) it's the one that makes me get up and go,everything it's not about me! ergo i don't get in my head and stuff.

She have a lot of energy and love her roll around ball,Loves cheerios and milk and other stuff like fruits and stuff.

You know, the weirdest thing is how a little animal can bring joy to my life (and my family!) Just by watching a hamster do it's thing,they are funny...

andreinac13 andreinac13
22-25, F
Oct 19, 2008