This is a favourite of mine it works when naked and with skirts or jeans.

Thread a sturdy 2m chain through the links between the cuffs - make sure one free end lines up with your belly button and the cuffs are centred in the small of your back when you loop the chain round your waist.  Fix the cuffs in place with a padlock.  Thread the long end of the chain through the loop at your belly button pull it tight and put an open padlock or snap link through to hold it in place. Pull the chain up through your legs, up over the waist chain, down and back to the front - thread the free end through the link where you had the open padlock, reattach it and snap it shut.  Put your hands in the cuffs and tighten them (click-click-click) up for a more strictly cuffed feeling.

For extra fun, fasten your ankles separated by a short (20 - 30cm) chain between and then kneel.  Do the same as above but when you are looping the free end of the waist chain between your legs make sure to pass it under the ankle chain to hold yourself on your knees.

Safety first - Make sure the keys (and keyholes!) are in reach when your hands are cuffed (if you want to be able to free yourself).  If you want to wait for someone else to free you... make sure they are out of reach  - my favourite is padlocked to the D-ring on my collar  :D

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