Always Have..

I love the way they feel.. Bondage in general feels good.. I'd really like to try this with other activities in the future.. I think I'd really like it X]

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"Bondage in general feels good"
I couldn't agree with that statement more. Let me get an add, i'd love to chat :)

Love the idea.

Cuffed can be fun, you just need a partner you can really trust ... I have been on both sides of the cuffs, the cuffer and the cuffee. Both can be lots of fun as you realize you are at the other's mercy. Teasing someone in cuffs is lots of fun.

Trust your intuition. and do your homework. Given your age, I would recommend a much older man and if possible an older couple.<br />
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The sense that a woman can feel in letting go during bondage can be a sublime experience.<br />
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I got started when I was 6 with a much older woman (8 ! lol a full 25% older than I) and her nearly antique 11 year old sister who had me tie them up and whip them.<br />
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In my teens I delved deeper and had some amazing teachers many much older than I. I recommend you find people who are in shape and who have walked the road for a while. People like that usually are more patient, have more experience, knowledge and skill. They also understand more deeply the mental aspect which is more than 90% of the experience.<br />
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I do not like handcuffs. Here are my reasons:<br />
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Being metal any quick movement can dig into soft tissue.<br />
Wrists by their very construction to be able to flex in multiple directions, makes the wrist very delicate.<br />
It is easy to cause permanent damage to nerves and displace bones in the wrist by stressing them with handcuffs.<br />
<br />
I recommend you stick with wide leather or nylon cuffs which have a lining. The purpose is to restrict your movement, and if their with spanking or shipping involved to allow you to yank and pull against the restraints to let you KNOW you are helpless, all a part of the letting go.<br />
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Long restraints which often sheath the either hand and arm can be wonderful, but these are not your standard sex shop or something you can whip up with things bought at the Home Depot.<br />
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So good luck in your journey. Find someone with experience, age tends to makes us more patient.<br />
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The "zone" is an amazing place.

You're only 16 or 17??? What the heck?? <br />
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yupp thanks and i know thanks for saying it though :]

If you are serious and decide to take this further *please* make sure you know who and what you are getting yourself involved with and don't compromise your own safety.

I think they have websites for that kind of thing. I hope you rethink your comment, because anything that bonds or binds a person makes them extremely vulnerable to whatever elements may exist before them. Being vulnerable in this day and age is actually considered a weakness. I think women need to empower themselves and never agree to anything that makes them powerless. Tying up of any body parts will definitely do that, as well leave a mark on your arms. I hope you were only joking

What an narrow mind you have. I have trained women to be submissive and use that to manipulate men. Pull them without the men being aware. Look weak, get results, have power. You sound like a paint by numbers sort of person. Give it some thought

uhmm lolz i think ill just pass on answering..

i dunno what the hell all these other replies were about, but let me just be real with you. handcuffs are fun to fool around in (even by yourself), but when you find a guy who you can trust and respects your boundaries, it can be a boat-load of fun :D