Beautiful And Personal

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Minnow. I think some people call it being lippy! LOL<br />
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Yes. Words are good. And I don't normally abbreviate when texting but type the words out in full! The only acronyms I use are while on here and thats usually - LOL!!

Thanks! Handwritten letters are beautiful not only for content and memories but because someone cared enough to take the trouble and write their thoughts down :)

Very nice.

Thank you :D

*drooling*.... letters r so much more quixotic and tender

Ha ha! Definitely so! :)

*grins* It's a lovely way to express :) thanks for sharing! Lov the message and of course the purple just pops!

Your beautiful postings have inspired me! X

*grins* <br />
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Thanks Inspectotr! The graphics mood just overtook me. :)

An excellent effort at making EP a bit graphically satisfying!