Written Love

Oh the sweet words written delicately on paper, as if spoken softly into my ear,
you write.
So much passion, so much love, were it Not for your letter,
Id be lonely tonight.
The fuel for my soul,
Your words speak to my heart,
So much desire, im breathless
Its handwritten art.
Eyes closed, I touch your words imagining How you feel,
Your smell, your taste, your body,
I yield
Is it a sin to have such thoughts
For we have never met
My body calling out to you
I am already your pet
Owned by written love
I am promised to you
Until we're as one
My love will stay true
So until we meet my beloved
To you I will write
Each time sealed with a kiss
My darling
Nikita8687 Nikita8687
26-30, F
6 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I like it :) Thanks for sharing it

Very touching. I hope someone will mail me like this too :)

really well written. Of course even better if it were handwritten.. :)

Thank you very much :)

Btw dont think titans are gonna pull this one off,lol...

Yeah nope

Ohh i see, i get what your saying, more meaninful when someone sits down and takes the time. beautiful poem,

Thank you! :))

Wow... That's deep for someone you have not met.. lol.. well said and writen like it.

Its not for anyone, its just a poem I wrote this morning when I wanted to share a story in this experience... I wanted to express the passion one feels with a letter... I love handwritten letters, someone actually took the time to sit down & write... So meaningful