A Writer And A Letter

Recently the postman rang with a small package.  It contained the diaries of a friend poet.  In his elegant and trained handwriting he had dedicated the book. This was a special gift from a friend who's talent I admire and I was moved by his gesture. 

I thought I had to answer this gift with one from my own and I wrote a letter to thank him.  Not an e-mail, not a typed letter but a handwritten one.  A couple of weeks later I met him  and he mentioned my letter, apologizing for not responding it.  He told me that he, a well-known writer, rarely received a personal letter.  Let alone a handwritten one.


Me too, I hardly ever take the pen.  But I think few things move the receiver more than this noble and gentle artifact in which the person himself is physically present.

moreandless moreandless
56-60, M
Feb 15, 2010