My first handwritten letter was from my mom. She started writing me letters almost every week when I started boarding school at the age of 6. I still have all those letters. Even some of the ones I would write back to her. The last time I read them they made me laugh and cry. Because I remembered how much I missed her then. How my world was falling apart without her, and how those letters, strangely enough, filled that void. I remember the anticipation of getting the mail. And how receiving them was like receiving a breath of life. The handwriting part I think just speaks to the time it takes to sit and write to someone you care so much about. Computers, as with everything else today, are fast, easy, often thoughtless. But a handwritten conveys magic, personality, emotion, love.

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thanks kindal... :)

surely, a handwritten letter implies so much more emotions and personality than an email could ever do. It's just not that same power which handwritten words coming from your heart do have...