It's About How They Smell!

I had often wondered about my wife's love of hanging out the clothes. My mom used the dryer regular, so seeing clothes hanging on a line was a bit unusual for me.
I noticed that the clothes had a nice harder feel to them, and that it saved on the electricity bill too! So there were other advantages too!
I noticed too the my wife hung all our underwear too out in the sun, even though they were in the full view of the neighbour. I asked her about that, and she said that the bright sunshine would dry her undies perfectly, so that we would have less infections to deal with. It sounded logical, so now when I have to do the washing, I hang them out just as she does it!
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

So cute! Haha my mother in law mentioned that about t smell. Where I am from ( dessert) your clothes dry in about 15 minutes outside with a nice smell of sun! Haha so I am so used to t dryer. Where are you from that makes t clothes smell good?

Countryside Trinidad xand Tobago

I like hanging clothes on the line - it makes sense in term of hygiene and economy. I am usually naked while hanging stuff on the line - it's only natural

I am happy you understand two great reasons! Wonderful too how you hang them nude also!!!

The clothes line was the first solar, wind generator clothes dryer. I love the fresh smell of my sheets when I put them on the bed from air drying in the sun. Line drying is also less taxing on your clothes.

I can't bring myself to hang out my undies on the line, next door we have a house full of pervy young lads so I hang mine over the shower curtain pole lol... my husbands though, they go on the line along with the kids cause he doesn't care who sees his pants :o)

Maybe out of curiousity, you should hand some outside, to see their reaction!

I'm too chicken :o)

Be brave, all panties are sexy! some sexier than others...