Saw Hank3 In Reno Nv

So I saw Hank 3 in Reno at the Knitting Factory. He is amazing live! He really connects with the audience, talks about how he loves blue collar america (not in those exact words) and seems to truely appreciate the crowd. He plave a really long set, there was no opening band and the show went on for 3 hours. I left toward the end while Assjack was still playing. The Assjack fans are super rowdy and more than I could handle since most of them we fall down drunk and ANGRY!  Over all it was a great experience and I loved it. I met other fans and made friends with people before the show. It was super cool.
BrokeElectrix BrokeElectrix
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1 Response Jul 9, 2010

thats wutsup, never seen him live, but definetley my favorite COUNTRY artist, metal/punk/country/just a fukking boss, the best combination ive ever heard and his songs are about real **** unlike pop country on the radio.