The Walk

"The Walk" is coming soon to the US! Love them or laugh at them, Hanson is one of the various influences in our generations. They broke from the music industry to pave a new way for future artist. They have stood firm in there goals and are trying to educate future music majors/musicians that they don't need this mainstream bullshit to make it. Not only did they start from scratch on the new album, they have recreated a whole new vibe! They wrote,, and breathed life into these songs. I owe it to them as a fan (10 years and counting) to pound the pavement (well keyboard, heehee) and help them to spread the sounds and messages that everyone that loves music should hear. Just go to the Hanson official page and look in the top right. You'll see a media player, just hit "Go!" Come on you know wanna...
Toshamaye Toshamaye
22-25, F
May 23, 2007