12 Years and 6 Concerts Later..

i am still a huge hanson fan! of course over the 12 years my reasoning and obsession has changed and, well frankly, grown up. :o) i have been to 6 shows, every one of them more amazing in some way than the last. the first one was in seattle, the one where live from albertane was recorded at. the second was in seattle again, in 2000, but in a much much smaller setting. and OMG...there is nothing like a smaller hanson show. #3 was in portland, oregon...also the one where walker remembered us from the seattle show just days ago and i got to meet isaac. and zac, waved to me and thanked me. *feels 14 thinking about it* it wasnt a meet and greet or standing outside the hotel for hours..we were taking a walk and happened across the hotel at the right time...within 1min of them coming out to the bus. amazing! the fourth show was back in portland, and the 5th the next day in seattle yet again. #6 was just 3 months ago...11/15/08 in the disneyland house of blues. what more of a magical place to go to a hanson concert?! to make it to that show was an absolute nightmare, but we made it, with seconds before the opening act to spare. that was the day of the so. cal fires, that started out of no where. we left in plenty of time to get there, have fun, and be ready for the walk...but the 2 1/2 hr trip took us 11 hours, and down the southern california coastline. but, we made it. it was amazing, and worth every minute with us 5 in the car (my husband the driver!). i got to take my 3 best girl friends and my husband to see hanson for their first time. what an experience to never forget!!!

i cannot wait for the next chance for a concert. after last time, who knows what other adventure will come with it!?

but its all about the music. yes, they are beautiful, and all of that. but its about the music. and what their music does. it keeps sanity. makes smiles. brings memories. and when they have a cause, they dont sluff it off to just a donation. the hand carry it there...100% personal delivery. they are amazing people and believe in the world still, somehow.

there is so much the music tells us. "are you listening?"

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