Darksouls Continues To Destroy Me

So my good friend and I started a run of this game at the same time. Since then we have progressed at a decent pace, but holy freaking crap. There is litterally a creature in this game that scared the crap out of me. Also a boss the is terrifying not to far in. I really want to dedicate a whole story to these difficult and terrifying creatures, but the shock of the first time that you see one is well worth it on it's own. Anyways, I also wanted to say that a new nuzlocke run has begun. It is on pokemon diamond (or platnium can't remember of the top of my head) but after my tragic heart gold run not to long ago I decided I may as well get back onto the horse and see how I do.
Now I don't know also if anyone has tried the impossible game...but if your are on this page to begin with it is worth a try.
Last I know these all sounded kind of like random thoughts, but they will start to form together more in the next story as the runs all have more bulk behind them. Until then remember, don't rage, just retry.
Shanecus Shanecus
26-30, M
Feb 9, 2013