Pretty Effing Lost..

I had it all at the beginning of the school year.
Friends, a boyfriend, happiness.
But because high school is full of so much drama I've lost everything and because I have absolutely nobody to talk to, I'm spilling my heart to random people on the internet.

My best friend screwed me over and ditched me for her friend that doesn't treat her right. I would have never stabbed my friend in the back, but she chose to hang out with someone who had done it multiple times. Why?
After being abandoned by her, some of my friends that I hung out with when we were together didn't want to hang out with me anymore. I realized that they never really did like me, and the only reason they let me come around was because of my friend who abandoned me.

My remaining friends, who were mostly guys, were driven off by my insanely jealous boyfriend. He always gets mad at me for hanging out with other guys and he even threatened a few of my guy friends.

I now have this one, mean, bitchy, fake friend who I absolutely despise. She's constantly using me and she tells the whole world my business. I want to tell her to get lost but then my total number of friends would be 0.

Some people tell me, oh just go find some new friends. Well, nobody understands how hard that is when you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Everyone in my high school is full of drama, creepy, or a jock/prep who would never look my way. I've tried reaching out to people but I get shot down and that hurts.

I hate this place that I'm in and I'm not sure how to get out.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2012

kinda got the same problem :( sucks