I Just Love Hardstyle

Hi im Joost,

I'm a ICT student with a very big passion for hardstyle music. In my nearby area people dont really understand why i like that "noise" music. on highschool nobody listened to it except for me.
but since i got onto my study i got a few friend who listen to it too and its great to have people around you who also love your music style and understand why you love it.

all i can say further is that i just love hardstyle (and hardcore too a bit) and that its a part of my life.

I was very happy finding this website where other hardstyle lovers meet and i hope to get contact with you guys/girls!

greeting Joost

My favorite songs (at the moment): noisecontrollers-gimme love,   state of emergeny-addiction,     brennan heart-just as easy,    headhunterz-dragonborn,    angerfist-the milition,    angerfist- incoming,   the pitcher-ain't nobody.

just a few of my favs!

live4hardstyle live4hardstyle
18-21, M
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I share the same love but I also share a passion for hardstyle as I want to be a dj

<3 i live for hardstyle as well, it's everyday that i enjoy this powerful music, i love hardstyle so ******* much i swear to god it's my life<3 hardstyle is my religeon, hardstyle is my life, my one and only true love. hardstyle till the day i die<3

got another great song here!: Headhunterz-the power of music.
ill be updating more songs in the future i hope. If you guys/girls got a good song too please share it!!!

Headhunterz - her voice & the power of the mind are both awesome songs

hey brandi1000,

yeah the song The pitcher-aint nobody is really nice! but what do you mean with with the "group name"?

and hey Lovebeingme!
ive read your story and listened to a few of your songs and i must say i like them!
oyeah btw, youre the first girl ive seen who likes hardstyle really much!

If i find some new awesome tracks ill share them here for you guys/girls!