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Sylph Is In Harry Potter Stories


Her name is Sara. Miss Sara Gray. Teacher for Muggle Studies. She is part Muggle, part witch (maybe part faerie, too). But she has lived most of her life in London... as a muggle.

She teaches preschool in London. And loves it. She has known Harry, has heard about him secretly... from the whispers of  Mrs. Figg. Unknowingly to Sara, Mrs. Figg has been watching her, too. But learning about the Sorcerer's stone... how Harry has risked his life to safeguard it against Voldemort. Yes, Muggles can very well speak his name. And they are not at all afraid to say it. Sara begins to feel a sense of longing, a sense of belongingness to Harry`s life story.

One day, Dumbledore visits her while she is at home reading the Daily Prophet. As his presence deeply surprises her, she is even more surprised at the knowledge Dumbledore has told her... that she can conjure magic.

Seemingly, everything makes sense. Unexplained behaviours come together. Uncanny events becomes comprehensible. Her life suddenly becomes focused. 

She has come to teach in Hogwarts after Book One.... has been backlashed by Draco Malfoy and his domineering father, Lucius, including the other Death Eaters for having Muggle blood, falls in love with Sirius Black... mourns the loss of Sirius... but continues defending Harry, along with his friends in their battle against Voldemort.

Until the very end of Book Seven.

Wistfully, a Book Eight.

Then Book Nine... and so on... sighs...

Sylphy Sylphy 41-45, F 17 Responses May 2, 2010

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every good movie and also book

They all are good.

Hmm... a very very alluring idea... tucking in at night... I like that... *bouncing up and down*...<br />
<br />
So you'll read to me then???... *changes to jammies... hops into bed*...

So could read to you and tuck you in at night? that might be nice.

*whack*... beep beep beep... LOL!<br />
<br />
One day, I'll read the series to you...<br />
OR... *light bulb idea*...<br />
You read them to me... I love listening to stories, even if I've read them... doesn't matter to me... did you know that I used to go the library here for story reading hour? That was when I was in graves and I could go in every afternoon after picking up Sylph Jr from school... we go together... or sometimes, just me... I just enjoy it immensely... *big smile... metallic smile*...

I know the Elder Swear though!

Not my thing really H-Piddy.

You've never read Harry Potter??!!!... *whacks Dean with HP Book 1... Book 2... Book 3...*...

Perhaps I should read those someday .......*glances at the stack of books he has yet to read*

Rog... never give up the child inside you... if you do, you turn into a mortal... worse, a dark creature... *shivers*... <br />
<br />
FreeFallWall... thank you for your kind words... :)

Wow... :) I love this post.

Hi Rog... I both love the Voldemorts, EP and the HP one... but I could hug our EP Voldemort... and the other one, well, he's probably too slimy to even touch...<br />
<br />
And yes, I love going into the stories all the time. I always assume a possible character in the story... pretty childlike, no? But that's the fun part in reading... makes Sylph bounce... thanks, Rog... *hugs*...

So very true, LV... haha... faeries have a certain charm that seems hard to resist... even to witches and wizards... *winks*...<br />
<br />
*whispers to LV*... It's the bouncing... <br />
<br />
I should probably be addressing you as Voldemort since Muggles are not afraid to say your name anyway...

SO that's what Snape's been up to lately,<br />
<br />
Making fairy dusts,<br />
<br />
instead of acting on my evil plans!

LV... fairy dust??? I always have to hound Severus Snape to make me some... haha... but "groovy", no?<br />
<br />
Troubleshooter... love your idea!!! But I bet Snape is giving you heck for trinkling with stuff in the lab... haha... so I'm thinking that when reading HP, you were drawn into being among the characters??? I tend to do this a lot, especially if I am so hooked with the book... can't help but feel what they are experiencing and I just want to jump into the pages! Wouldn't that be cool if we could do that??? I fell in love with Inkheart because of this idea... (oooh... must look for an Inkheart group)... thank you for your comment... and I'm thinking now... we actually belong to the faculty staff of Hogwarts... sweet!...<br />
<br />
She still does a lot of whacking with the wand, Dean... when Dumbledore tested her, Dumbledore was sooo impressed, about the whacking skills... he said it will come in handy battling dark creatures... and he egged on to keep practicing... so........ *whacks*...<br />
<br />
Waterdancer... thank you for the comments. I do wish there would be Book Eight and more. There are talks on the internet... but I am not certain of their validity. Only JK really knows...

Lovely story :)<br />
<br />
Crossing my fingers for a book 8 too ...

I bet shes an ace with her wand.

Aw!<br />
<br />
is that where you get your fairy dust?