My Truest Escape

From the time I could read, age four, I was a reader.
From the time I started my first Harry Potter book, age six, I was hooked.

Most people need some sort of comforting escape. Mine is Harry Potter. He was my first crush (and will probably be my last). I'm the sort who always has five or six books going (a morning book, a during-school book, an after-school book, a break-from-work book, etc.) and one of the Potter books is always on my list.

Essentially... yeah. I'm a Potter Nerd, and proud of it.
SpazzAvalanche SpazzAvalanche
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

I am exactly the same! Once I could read (age four) I could READ. Started reading HP since I was 6 and they changed my life. <3 First love