Late To The Party!

After growing up shunning HP, I've come to a point in my life where I've experienced some things that have made me want to re-think everything I've ever been told/believed.

So I read the first book.
Eh, wasn't thrilled exactly (don't kill me!)
I watched the first movie.
Eh. Still wasn't thrilled.

I got about half way through the movies when I started to get really hooked. I guess most of it is because I'm kind of going through a rough time at the moment and Harry, Hermione and Ron...I would really like a friendship like that. I'd like everything to work out in the end, despite fights and Voldemorts and all that rubbish that happens in life.

So now I've turned into a person who spews the love of HP with every other word out of my mouth. My sister is really the only one who understands this craze since I volunteered to read the books with her. My other friends don't understand. I feel rather embarrassed to be so enamored with a kids' series when I should be reading the latest adult thriller or something. :P But I don't care! :D
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Sep 17, 2012