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I began reading harry potter at the age of 8. I was dyslexic and couldn't read at all before that. It took ms a year but I was hooked. it became my way of escaping the world and all the abusive horrible weekends at my dads place. Twelve years later, and I am still using my torn beaten up books as a way of escaping, and smiling. I am even in ths process of designing a harry potter tattoo. For me Harry Potter is much more than paper and words, it understands my soul and forgives everything. I can read Harry Potter and no matter what mood I am in I still enjoy it. This is why it is so special
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

thats awesome. I love books. I love reading. i quit reading cuz my hubby thought that any book not religious related was frivolous. but not all of his books are religious either so I am BACK! lol. and lovingit. just got done reading harry potter and the sorcerers stone, plus dead until dark and livin gdead in dallas. can't wait to continue.