My Harry Potter Experience

I read Harry Potter when I was seven, and it was, I think, the first actual novel I ever read, the first series I fell deeply in love with, and the ONLY series I have ever loved to this high extent.
My childhood wasn’t the best. My father abused me and I never had very good friends… but I did have the Potter books. Whenever I was angry, scared, sad, alone, happy, wistful, or feeling whichever other emotion you can think of… I always had Harry Potter to turn to, no matter what. Harry was always there for me, through bad and good times, through everything. I went to Harry for comfort. I went to Harry if I was bored and wanted an adventure. I went to Harry if I wanted to talk to someone, and no one was there to hear me. And I grew up with it. It is a part of me. I’m still learning from it, still trying to improve myself, still trying to be better… and I’m doing much better than I would be without Harry Potter. I probably wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for Harry Potter.
Harry Potter makes me try to be the best version of myself I can be, makes me so much braver, makes me want to push myself and achieve something in life.
Aside from that, it also made me fall in love with all things magical and whimsical, it made me love wizards and flying brooms and magic wands.
So, I’m not really part of the Harry Potter fandom in a social way — yes, I love to talk about and discuss Harry Potter… favourite characters, how much and why I love it, J.K.’s writing, favourite scenes, etc. But I just never felt the need to add anything of my own to all of that. While I read and wrote a bit of fanfiction in my time, for various things, I didn’t like to read the Harry Potter fanfiction and I never felt compelled to write it because A: I feel that neither I or anyone else is able to do it justice, and B: It is already so complete and I don’t want anything altered or added because I think it is absolutely perfect as it is.
I didn’t experience Harry Potter like a lot of others did — I didn’t get to go to book signings and premieres or make new friends because of Harry Potter or anything like that. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t want to… I kind of do feel like I’ve missed out a bit when it comes to the social aspect of being a Potterhead, sometimes. But I did read the books over and over and that’s all I ever needed. The books ARE my friends. They make me feel happy in dark times and when I I am alone. And I’m beyond grateful for that.
As a kid I just loved the books, loved Harry, Ron and Hermione who I saw as my friends, and loved the adventure… but only recently did I start to realise the full extent of how Harry has affected me, how special my experience has been. How much it has helped and continues to help me. How truly important and vital Harry Potter is to my existence.
I love it so much.
Thanks, J.K. Thanks for giving us Harry.
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